But then who loves losing a game?

I just submitted my Certificate of Candidacy. I want to head a committee in our dormitory.

As of today, the only spot with competition is the one I am eyeing for which means the rest of the positions have only one contender. Good for them.

Upon knowing it, I felt awkward with a bit of surprise. Awgh. Actually, until now, I am not yet mesmerized with the fact that I am competing and the rest is not. Not that I do not want competitors, but I am just a bit envious/wanting of the the places they are in.

You do not have to be compared.

They have two options: to accept you or not.

As for me, they have three: to accept  me, to accept the other one, or to reject us both.

I consider this a game. I would love to win this. But just fine if I lose this. But then who love losing a game?

The coming two days will be exciting. Election will be the day after tomorrow.

Revee, you have to loooooooooooooooosen up!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Rommel says:

    You know who I voted for, right?
    You aced last night, I just hope it would be enough.

    Go Revee! Reveel Mulavee. Haha.

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