Opportunity Cost

(First of all, I kept quiet when I was in YoUPtube, so  upon getting into our dormitory, I talked as loud as I could. Just to compensate my silence at the event.)

I just danced on the event of my organization. I can say that this was one of the most special events the org handled. Aside from this is the first time we did it, it also involved getting to know the freshmen.

I had to choose between Streetdance and the YoUPtube dance. Yesterday, if I wanted to be on our dance in Streetdance (for blocking and formation), I must skip the last rehearsal of the YoUPtube dance. At first, I decided to skip the rehearsal and went to Streetdance training. My thursday night is for Streetdance.  Before training, they played a preaching of Paul Washer. It’s probably one of the American preachings I ever gave my attention to (Americans talk too fast English).

But something struck me.

I am dancing to glorify Him, and not just satisfy my dance cravings.

Then at the last minute, I changed my mind. I really want to glorify Him with this talent. And I know that dancing on YoUPtube rather than being casted on the Streetdance production would make Him happier.

Around 6:30 pm yesterday, just cut the training of Streetdance, I came to Bahay ng Alumni for the rehearsal. I just thank God that I chose the YoUPtube dance. The rehearsal gave me time to adjust to the changes made at the last minute.

I really feel satisfied… calm… and happy with the decision I made. And this coming Tuesday, then I would know the cost of this decision. But as said, “Count the cost.”

(I just can’t contain the contentment on clearing your motivation. Giving Him praise. Giving Him praise.)


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