Pigsa (Boil) and Dancing

An irrelevant post for everyone.

I am/was applying to UP Streetdance Club and this day is/was a “Reversal of Fortune Day”. After mulling over, I finally arrived at a decision to quit my application if ever I will be denied to the Club. I don’t want to apply all over again, to give way to my academic load.

As I see, they have all the rights to deny me. I didn’t go to the “important” day, didn’t have my signature sheet, and was absent on a concert task. So I was just really looking forward to some mercy from the Club, like I would re-apply for a shorter period rather having another semester.

But positively, at least I think of it as positive, I am in probationary status. Much better than what I expected.

It’s as if being a member of the org also (for me). Well I can’t label myself as member of the Club but still I feel pacified upon knowing that I will be training with the Club. I still have to finish these tasks to be a member but the prestige of the training is quite unexplainable.

To some of my co-applicants who are now full-blooded members of the Club, the thought of being a member hasn’t sunk in yet. I understand the ‘feeling’ of finally being a member you worked out for almost a year. But to me, I have already embraced this wonderful opportunity.

But honestly, when I was looking at my co-applicants announced as new members, I began thinking. Not envy and jealousy, but a thought of comparison. Some months ago, those people were also the very same people I was co-dreaming of becoming a member. But now, they are already there. Where am I?

(inaaantok na ako. baka senseless na pag lagpas dito. hahaha. tsaka na i-connect sa pigsa)


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