Kulelat daw ako, ikaw, sila, tayo.

We are so bombarded with the thinking that we are kulelat.

I read “Alab ng Puso… sa dibdib mo’y buhay” by Manix. You can always catch him at Philippine Daily Inquirer Comics Page. When I was second year HS, after eating breakfast or just whenever I had time, I would go to the first floor of our dorm to read Inquirer and its comics page excited me the most.

I heard he is also a student of UP, and that didn’t matter until I read his publication. The entries on his ‘book’ were entertaining and ‘makapanlaglag nunal’. It was a nice way to escape boredom and reality. But upon reading it, I got submerged to reality and the environment I have in school. The setting was obviously UP – my school so the situations and conversations were relevant to me. The profs, the classrooms, the dorm, the people.

Aside from the geographical reality, one thing that struck me was a conversation tuckling how our colonizers taught us to think that we are kulelat and that we ‘needed’ them. I find this problematic. BUT what is more problematic today is that our ‘saviors’ are no longer in the country – well, physically. We already have our government and commerce working as independently as they can. The mechanisms of the country are under the consitution we have. But still the thinking recurrs.

I have to admit that I was one of the victims of this thinking. I rather sticked to this thinking than looking on the potentials of this country. I did not believe the Filipinos; instead I believed in the rotting political system we have. I did not believe to my countrymen; instead I believed in the exploitative commerce we have.

I just imagine what would happen if we are bombarded with a type of thinking boosting ourselves. Boosting us to be on the next level. Boosting us to stop mediocrity in our jobs, our outputs, our service, our media, our government, our whole.

What a place would that be? Pilipinas.



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