Prison Break Series Finale & Preconceived Notions Vol. 1

It’s over! Prison Break is over with its 2-hour finale.

The trouble didn’t end with a great explosion scenes, a crashing plane, an imploding building. It ended with Kellerman, the original antagonist of the story back in Season 1.

Michae’s death ended the whole series. I wasn’t expecting his death and the return of his “disease” to consume him. But perhaps his extended life was just meant to fulfill his ‘genetic’ him. He was fond of saving other people. Chances put him to a life where he can fulfill his self by putting the trouble down. He has done a good job anyway. Though he didn’t become a dad, he became a Claus to the people most especially to the people who clinged on him.

Prison break finale

The show, or the characters, taught me some new perspective in life. Well except that structural engineering became a frustration to me, it showed me the importance of relationships. There are immovable relationships and temporal relationships.


Some people will stick with you no matter what. Some people will stay with you because they find rest in you. Some people will only stay if they feel warm, but once you get to prick them, everything falls down. Some people will stay at your back, some will leave.

Perhaps one of the greatest relationships I ever saw was Michael and Linc’s, though it is artificial. Ate Hannah shared last time that the BEST friends you have are the ones who can you be who you are, but still unfearful to give you corrections.


Bakit ba may pre-conceived notion ang ibang tao?

Oo na, ako na ang mayabang.

“Oo, mayabang talaga si Revee”

Dahil ba nagyabang ako dati? I just ‘told’ it to the people that I can magyabang with. It was just a fun way of telling a story. More of an approach. I thought that they wouldn’t really mind. But I never saw that it would actually build a notion to some person. I never thought that it would actually be used against me in front of other people. I never thought it will be used as an evidence aggravating the situation.


“Oo, di ka naman magpapatalo.”

I thought I have already erased that notion to some people. That’s another story.

I hate it when a preconceived notion justifies your action.

The situation, I am telling you something. You respond negatively because it is not comfortable to you. Then I tried to explain the reason why do that “something”. You can’t get over it. You just say “You won’t let yourself lose.”

I was not into an argument, how will I win or lose? I was just telling something.

I was not trying to disapprove anything. All I wanted was to say something. Then what does it have to do with me unleashing my pride and not letting myslef “LOSE” in the talk?


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