Beyond Summer Classes

I am enjoying my summer stay in UP, cutting off the academic load I have. This week has been quite draining and fulfilling somehow since I got to do stuffs other than studying.

It all started on a Monday…

Only one student passed our 3rd exam in ES11. Unfortunately, I was one of the swimmers in the FAIL pool. The exam was all-or-nothing, and that type of exam was hell! It was not like biology where you have to memorize, not like communication where you have to put the write(right) words, not a PE subject where you actually “do” the exam. It was an engineering subject and we were relying on partial points.

Partial points were the blood on our veins, and taking it away would of course kill us. I remember the exam, our prof reminded us “last 30 minutes” and left the room. Upon leaving, people around me began to curse(nagmumura) the exam as if they were earthworms appearing everywhere.

Sir helped us pass anyway. Yey!


3 hours before the exam…

Instead of juicing out the time by studying for my exam, I was at the UP Gym practicing for our dance in NISMED (National Institute for Science and Math Education).  Around 10:15, it was performance time! Guess what, I did an 8-count mistake. Hopefully no one saw it.

I also danced for the FOP (Freshmen Orientation Program – an orientation pakulo of UP to its new students, brainwashing time. kidding.) which I have really dreamed since I got to UP.

Someday, I will be dancing in front of the freshmen.

Instead of attending my Biology 1 class last Thursday, I decided to dance in front of the freshies: in other words, I cut my class. The opportunity was quite rare and I might not have the chance to be there again so it was a sweet cutting of class.


I emceed for the Leadership Summit of ENCM UP. We ate to Greenwich after. At least I got to apologize to Kaye for some org-rivalry talk.

Then, I was supposed to help UP CIEM on its repainting at the afternoon, but I had fun under the rain (hahaha. nagpaulan). Together with some friends, it was my first time to intentionally meet the rain in QC. What’s the big deal? I was just imagining how acidic the raindrops were due to pollution and pollution and pollution. Back in our province, I was confident that the rain was safe.

After cleaning up, knock-dead at my bed.


I slept 30 minutes in my Biology 1 class. So un-scholarly.

I read Pierre’s blog on our multiply.


It was our training in Streetdance, I was waiting for my mom’s text so when I searched for my phone in my bag and didn’t find it there, I hurried back to my dorm. I searched for my phone in my room, neither was it there. I hopelessly went back to the training, only to find out that my phone was at my bag. It was just camouflaging on my bag.


Above everything, this week has been really special because of some realizations. I believe God has a greater plan ahead of me and the things that happened to me this week helped me see the truths He wants for me. Akin na lang ‘to.


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  1. Kayser says:

    HALA haha anong blog un? =)) wow at ngayon ko lang to nabasa.

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