January 2008 past-time

(more than a year ago. I wrote this on my room: B-02. Reminds me of Kalayaan Dorm)

…on Philippines’ freedom

Lately, our country was declared “partly free” by some foreigners after visiting here. Bakit daw? Because of extrajudicial and political killings. They’re all around us.

…on people around us

When I was walking on UP (ChemPav), a woman before me who looked like a professor was drinking iced tea. Then she suddenly threw the plastic cup (with ice) on a car. I was shocked.

…on people’s reaction

When I was riding a Toki jeep, going to Math Bldg of UP-Dil, I decided to position near the “pasukan” when suddenly my Oheya fell. Presumptuously, people thought that I purposely threw my trash on the street. The person opposite to me laughed when he saw that.

…on suspension

ALCHEMES, Academic League of Chemical Eng’g Students, was suspended to conduct activities withing Eng’g for one month.

…on Academic stuff

It’s been a long time since I slept for a long time during class time. Of course…Chem17.

…on lifestyle

I am intrigued with lomography. It  sounds delicious. LC-A camera.

…on Ate Gn

Ate Gn thought me some imp’t things on Visual things.

…on Kalayaan dorm

The basement boys are planning to dance Britney’s ‘Gimme More’… at girly moves.

…on life crossroads

I decided to quit tutoring. I taught for almost two months. And technically, I never got a ‘sahod’

…on sheer joy

Don’t you know that the value of equilibrium constant of a reversible reaction varies with temperature?

…on sheer food


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