Minsan mas masarap ang tres kaysa uno.

Tres is the new "peace!"

Last Monday, I took my hardest exam in UP. I was super prepared for it. If I just knew that the exam would be a head-banger, I shouldn’t have studied a lot. Kidding. It really depended on how you understood the problem and how you would try to come up with a pleasing solution.

Yesterday Sir Ong announced that A LOT of us failed the exam. Our highest score was 65%! So I was really expecting to be one of the people who failed.

Just this morning, our blue books were returned to us. I saw a blue book with a handwriting similar to mine which scored low. I tried to get it, so I can hide it immediately and possibly prevent public knowledge of my score, but it wasn’t mine. I did not know if it was good or not that the score was not mine — is mine higher or lower than the score I saw? I was really excited to see how much I failed, how much I messed up.

BUT thank God, I found my blue book and I scored 60%! Tres! What a relief!

Sabi ko it would be really God’s work so I can pass the exam. Studying hard pays off. Not as hard as you studied nga lang at times.


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  1. dcmjlive says:

    revee…what subject is that!?!?!

    1. ES 11 (Summer=teacher’s exam)

  2. Rommel says:

    Haha. Sir Ong kasi. Mahirap talaga sya magpaexam eh.

    Hmm. Onse diba?

    So, you’re one of the two who passed it? Good job! 🙂 Talino mo, boss.

    But still, 60 ang passing so work hard!

    1. haha. Sana mag-up nga scores ko. But thanks anyway!

  3. sekretongtao says:

    nakakadisappoint ka revee. ……. we’re really proud of you.

    contradicting statement. alam ko. wag ka na magcomment.

    1. HOY! Kilala kita. hahaha. Sobrang pinaghirapan ko ang tres na yan. Kelan ka uwi dito?

  4. sekretongtao says:

    kakatuwa naman. hindi ko akalain ang isang hinayupak na nilalang na tulad mo ay makakakuha ng tres. i had low expectations, pero wow. i mean wow. maxado kitang inoverestimate genesis rapallo. nakakadisappoint ka revee. pero to say that you’re the porn master, you’ve really changed. and for that, we’re really proud of you.
    -revee’s second dad.

    1. Garrr. Anong comment to? Hahaha

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