The CR’s I had.

I have already stayed in four dormitories in my life: Molave Residence Hall, Kalayaan Residence Hall, Boys Residence Hall – Main (BRHM) and Boys Residence Hall – Annex (BRHA).


First year high school.

Rating: Jollibee

3rd floor left wing BRHA. There were 2 shower cubicles, 3 toilets, and two sinks. The left shower cubicle’s door was a black trash-baggy curtain, while the right shower room had a wood door. Every morning, we lined up our pails.

Second year high school.

Rating: McDo

3rd floor right wing BRHA. Symmetric to the left wing. The main difference was a big drum. Every 6:30am, the water stops at the third floor since the residents on the second floor would suck all the water in the world. Being high school students, we didn’t normally wake-up before 6:30am just to catch some water before it runs out. So the drum was our life saver. Every night, we filled it up. Malas nga lang ng mga nauubusan kinabukasan.

Naaalala ko talagang tinatabo namin papuntang timba namin ang tubig.

The toilet cubicles in BRHA were just enough. Not too small, not too spacious. But the CR was generally small. Some flushes were not working.


Third year high school.

Rating: KFC

Second floor BRHM. Since we were getting mature already, we were transferred to the Main Dorm. The CR was centralized for the whole floor. There were 6 shower cubicles, 6 toilet cubicles, 8 sinks. Five out of the six shower cubicles were working properly. At the start of the school year, the queue of pails usually started at 5:30 am. So if you wake up early, you sure are going to get a good slot. You can take a bath earlier.

But after a few months, some social poxes were placing their pails at the start of the line at around midnight. Nasira ang sistema!

plastic curtains!

Fourth year high school.

Rating: Shakey’s

3rd floor BRHM.

Among my the CR’s I had in my high school, this CR was the best. The doors of the shower cubicles were aluminum/stainless steel. But it was a deja vu of the CR’s in BRHM: the water stops at 6:30am. You would barely find a someone in the shower in the morning. Most of us take a bath outside (yes, there’s a shower place outside the dorm). My roommates wake up earlier than me, so they definitely take a bath in our CR.

P.S. Many people were leaving their poops unflushed. Pisay had a water curfew. They cut the water supply at 9 or 10 pm. So pooping beyond that time would be harder. So people just chose to leave their wastes on the toilet. You would regularly see poops at night in the toilets. Kadirrrre!


Rating: Carinderia

Four shower SMALL cubicles. Three working.

Four toilets. SMALL cubicles.

My biggest dilemma in Kalayaan CR was the toilet cubicles. I really found it hard to fit myself and whatever parapharnalia I had. It’s the smallest CR I had.

(sorry, bigla akong tinamad ituloy. next time na lang.)


11 Comments Add yours

  1. hopee sagayaga says:

    hahaha! nakakamiss pala ang mga banyo ng pisay kahit papano! kalain mo un!

    kamusta ka na revee? hope you’re doin fine!

    1. I’m fine.

      Pero kasi iba ang comfort ng banyo sa Pisay dorm (ha?)

  2. Rommel says:

    Interesting post. But I have to disagree with Kalayaan, it would have to be the second best. At least for me. Haha.

    Kasi naman, basta pumili ka lang ng best na cr dun, masaya ka na the entire stay. 😀 Haha. Favorite ko eh yung cubicle 3 at shower cubicle 4. haha. 2nd floor to.

    1. yup. hindi kasi maganda ang mga cubicles sa basement. haha

  3. kee says:

    nge, baka panget lang nadatnan mo sa kalai kasi basement ka, kasi dba madumi naman talaga doon? ok naman yung cr sa amin eh, yung sa 2nd floor GA nga may isang cubicle na malaki pwede ka magdisco doon..sampung tao pwede hahahaha….ui tapusin mo, molave pa…exciting

    1. pero hindi talaga OK ang CR sa basement. it’s relatively the worst.

  4. kim says:

    haha.. buti pa sa pisay nyo.. samin dati naliligo kami sa TERMINAL ng bus pag walang tubig. oha.. hahaha….

  5. Martin says:

    ituloy mo na kaya…anu rating mo sa CR natin sa Molave?


    1. Hindi pa rin tapos sa Kalai. Next time.

  6. Rommel says:

    Aww. True. Haha. Isa lang kasi kaya mas doogiehauser. Haha.

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