Nakipag-usap ka pa.

I am one of the people who enjoy talking about not-so-light topics. I do not get turned off to serious talks or “debate-y” topics, but I have to say that I do not like debaters. The formal debaters. I prefer educational table talks with normal people since it enlightens me to many things and it feels good hearing the opinion and thoughts of other people. It feels nice talking about things other than parties, love life, entertainment and “uso”.

When I talk, I want my point to be understood and appreciated rather than contested. I’m not sure to anyone but this is how I, at least, want how a conversation to work. But I am not saying that I do not want my point to be contested.

But on highly nonobjective matters, things work with more respect. Because on very uncertain things, you spill out your ideas and suggested answer over providing the correct answer, so refuting/contesting your point is OFF OFF OFF. Nakiapag-usap ka pa.

You are not saying that your point is the right one, but you believe that your answer “might be” the right one. And you already know that your point is “highly contestable” because of the uncertainty of the subject.

Conversation involves a lot of listening, which I still have to learn. You converse to know something and to share something, rather than refuting someone else’s point.



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  1. Ranel says:

    “Conversation involves a lot of listening, which I still have to learn.”

    Napansin ko rin yan. :))

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