Pearl Harbor (2001) = GG

Ben Affleck, Josh hartnett, Kate Beckinsale
Ben Affleck, Josh hartnett, Kate Beckinsale


I watched it on TV before going to QC for summer class and I was completely not disppointed. Perhaps my SocSci 3 teacher Ma’am Bawagan gave me a small background with the movie’s historical basis which prepared my mind on watching the movie.

The characters of Rafe and Danny were wonderful.Their characters were used wisely to produce a sound story with some attempts of making the viewers cry. Putting Evelyn in the story was a salt in the lives of these two men.

The story of these three people didn’t impress on me the social pressure of war on Americans back then, but rather I saw a war and these three people adjusting their fate and love with the inevitable occurrence of the war. It was good to see equal exposition of Rafe and Danny’s selves through their love to Evelyn. When Evelyn had to choose between the two of them, she reasoned her pregnancy with Danny, which maintained a horizontal comparison between the two men. Their story went a long way beyond the concept of war.

Cinematography-wise, the movie put me in a very vintage environment with American military around me. It also brought me to the sky reliving my childhood dreams. More importantly, it put me in the middle of Japan-US heat. Since a lot of militia scenes were landscapic and aerial, I expected the movie to be good at this; it exceeded my expectations.

I read on the internet that it received many negative feedback from critics. I agree on some of their points. But regardless of their comments and professional remarks, Pearl Harbor is an art. A creative look on how the biggest exploiter in the world was erased by Japan.

After the attack, US was ‘awaken’ and is now the leading country in the world. Ngayon lang. Posible pang mag-iba.


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