From the movie Himala. Elsa's devotees faith until her minute of death.

Over the Lenten Season, TV was filled with religious stuff and “inspiring” shows. One that really caught my attention was the movie “Himala” starring Nora Aunor as Elsa. I heard that this movie was awarded Best Movie of Asia.

“Walang Himala!” – the most famous line on the movie. I tried to focus on the movie why it never fails to entertain people, for its entertainment value. The movie gave a good sneak to me on how Filipinos responded to unusual happenings like with Elsa’s miracle in the movie.

Perhaps, when the movie was first shown on the public, the controversy it stirred among the people is not much as now, since many shows have already tackled similar stories with Elsa. What really strucked me was the response of the people.

Whenever there was something unfavorable, they blame it on the curse in Cupang, their town. Whenever there was something good, they credit it on god, the miracle, Mary. I’m not saying that they’re completely wrong with this kind of attitude, but I was seeing here the passiveness of the people.

Our country is experiencing poverty and high inequity. And if that kind of attitude was the foundation of all the things happening to our country, I would like to blame the people who instilled us this kind of thinking.

At the top of this is close-mindedness. The people on Cupang had assumptions on their living, not questioning if their assumptions were actually true. When something was barely parallel to their “assumptions” and “beliefs”, they treated as manifestations of what they believed in. They saw what they wanted to see. They ignored what seemed uncomfortable to them, and disposed ideas they’re not accustomed with.

Cupang, I think, is a good represenation of a lot of Filipinos. Why a lot? Because a lot of Filipinos are poor. When all else is gone, faith is the only thing you can have. Faith, more than any object in the world. But to whom do we put our faith? I think this is what the people of Cupang failed to ask themselves.

I believe, “Walang Himala!” was Elsa’s, when they put their faith unto her. “Mayroong Himala!” when we put our faith to whom who really deserves it.

The people were sincere with their belief. But sincerity can never prove something to be true. No matter how sincere you are.


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