Wrap-up of second sem (orgs)

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Thankful ako that there are people always at my back.  Mahal na mahal ko ‘tong org na to. Though I was not really actively participating in all of the events, I am really glad that I had these people. I’ll try to be active next sem. Malayo kasi ang tambayan. Hehehe.

Marami rin akong mga pangarap para sa org na ‘to.

Overall: Not so bibo


I didn’t reaff for UP ALCHEMES, but because I had to take part of Engineering Week, I was auto-reaffed. I gave my time and loyalty to UP ALCHEMES during the Engg Week. It was fun having my first Engg wee with UP ALCHEMES. Indakan, Tugtog ko Sayaw mo, Ms. Engg., parade, etc.

UP ALCHEMES taught me good kind of competitiveness during Engg week. My impression with Engg Wk was great because of UP ALCHEMES. Kahit na ALCHEMS ako, gusto ko talang manalo sa Engg Week ang KEM.

I just felt bad when my name was not on the list of members for the sigsheet, and that I can’t vote for the next ExeCom. Since wala naman ako sa memlist, medyo naglie low muna ako. But for a better allotment of my time.

Pero chill lang naman kasi hindi naman na ako Chem Engg. The pressure was not on.

Overall: Bibo then not bibo


I was marketing director for Finance SPC this second sem. Almost everyday, I went to SC to make marketing calls. How could I ever forget my responsibility for JMA.

I really want to serve the affiliations that I have, and I thought I can serve JMA by heading some tasks and some bigger tasks in the future. After my experience this semester, I am already afraid to apply again for directorship in the org.

For some reason, hindi ako ‘bibo’ sa JMA though first sem ko ‘tong maging member. I hope I could be bibo in the org. Or siguro, hindi ko lang masakyan ang wavelength ng mga tao. Or dahil nasa BA ang tambayan.

Kalahati good memories. Kalahati bad memories.

Good memories, parties.

Bad memories, being a director.

First time kong maging director sa JMA so perhaps this feeling might be normal, but I am not feeling that I am a failure as a director. I learned a lot from this experience. I developed a great sense of responsibility and determination. AT HIGIT sa lahat, I learned the value of teamwork.

Teamwork is not about you having the spotlight, but the team. Teamwork is not about doing things alone, but the team altogether. Teamwork is not about lifting yourself up, but the team higher and higher.

Basta kapag ako if ever maghehead in the future kahit saan, I will always try to keep teamwork instead of magpagalingan lang.

Hindi dahil hindi mo nakitang nagtatanim ang magsasaka, tinatamad na siyang magtanim. Baka tinanim na kasi ng ibang magsasaka.

UP Streetdance Club

App pa rin ako dito.

TTh 6-9pm.


Concert preparation + Puyat.

Pledge worth P3000.

Tickets worth P3000.

I am just excited for the second half of our application since it’s just our batch. I was not pretty comfortable training with the Special Kids. They’re special, perhaps I am not. Mems naman na sila ngayon so OK na.

I learned commitment.

Overall: Bibo. Masakit nga lang sa ulo.


CIEM was not on my plans.

But I am really excited for my next years in UP. I am planning to have my full commitment in this organization, and make it my number 1 priority organization. I have many ambitions for this org. I want to own UP CIEM. Ito na talaga ‘to. Sana mailabas nito ang lahat ng pwede kong maibigay.

I’m looking forward to a great great time with this organization.

Siguro, hindi ko talaga maibibigay sa org ang pakikipag-“away” sa kabilang org. I have friends on IEC so I don’t have any plans of putting on my battle gears.


UP ____________

I want one more affilation. Hopefully, mas socially relevant naman na. Matagal ko na talaga gustong magkaroon ng org na ganyan ang wavelength.


Siguro, ang tanong ko lang: Bakit sa UP-Diliman, napakahirap magkaroon ng org?

Tapos sa UP Manilla, Ateneo, at kung saan-saan pang schools other than UP-Diliman, chill lang ang application. Dito, dugo’t pawis na. Having even one organization is enough to be labelled as “active” pero sa ibang schools, collect and collect lang.


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  1. Rommel says:

    Alyansa? Haha. 😀 Mukhang yun na nga.

  2. joyce says:

    aww. *hug* revee. okay lang, may groups talagang kawavelength mo at merong hindi. sana lang you ditch all the bad memories from jma and keep the good ones. 🙂

    okay, i’m not the person to say this. :))

    anyway, huuuug. 😀

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