Rappelling CWTS=Uno

I got an uno in my CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service) class.

Who in this world cares?


That's not me. From National Geographic.

Since this does not credit any in my grades, or simply put, it is insignificant, I am glad to tell the whole world that I got an uno. Mailap ang uno so dapat if you get an uno, you must flaunt it. Kidding. A lot of my classmates also got uno, but more than being uno, I got the highest raw grade in our class. This is my point. Hahaha.

I was surprised when I saw the grades since at the last days, I didn’t give enough effort on our practical exams.

Hey wait, I’m not telling that Rapelling CWTS learnings are useless or insignificant. Even if it is not required, I would still take it. I really learned a lot especially management of fear.

I wasn’t aiming for uno in my CWTS because it’s just CWTS and CWTS will always be CWTS. We just all need to pass it, and grades are just a “fun” remark of our performance. So, seeing my grade being the highest on our class makes me feel very very accomplished.

This is the only subject I am safe to boast foolishly (now, i am joining the bandwagon of abusing the word ‘fool’ today) dahil wala naman talagang bearing sa UP Grade namin. Just let me boast things like this for fun! (bawal OA)

Honestly, until now, I don’t really find the immediate benefit of the country from our CWTS class.


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