ES 21 Final Exam: Another Risk for the SEM

Unlike ES1, I was not excited about the exemption list ES21 was giving. I promised myself that I would, no matter what, take the final exam. Still, I tried to look for my name on the exemption list, but Sir Bok was kind enought to post it late, so I didn’t personally see the list. Thank God I was exempted. At least, whatever happens to me, I am safe that I will pass the subject.

Around 10am this day, I was really apprehensive because I was not minding the exam so much. Instead of whole-heartedly reviewing for the exam, I focused on the singing the songs on my music list. The feeling of a three-hours-before-the-final-exam was absent. Often, I really super mind the exam I am going to have, but ES21 exam was quite different.

So I took the exam hoping I can get a higher grade than the one I would have if I do not take the exam. Number 1 and 2 were quite manageable, but when I saw numbers 3,4 and 5, I began to rattle. Simply because I did not know how to answer those problems. That was the time I felt that it would have been better if I didn’t take the final exam. But after 30 minutes of mulling over those three questions, I figured out how to answer the problem. Good thing! I began to feel positive about the exam.

Now, the exam’s over and I can only hope that I get a good grade on ES21.

The song that really killed me this morning was “When you’re looking like that” by Westlife.

Whatever feat I may get from taking this exam, I owe it all to Him.


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