April Fool’s Day is Not So Fool-ipino

I talked to Grace just an hour ago, and she blurt out that it’s… APRIL Fool’s Day.

Happy April Fool's Day!

I remember when I was young, when 3210 was still uber expensive and jurassic cellphones were the “in”, I read a line my aunt’s cellphone “Happy April Fool’s Day!”. This intrigued me so I asked my aunt on April Fool’s Day. So she said that it’s every April 1, which disappointed me. What’s the point of practicing it every April 1? It was my first time to know about that event, and its insignificance to the world still bothers me up to now.

I asked Grace if she’s really practicing the April Fool’s Day. She’s not, just like every Filipino in the country. Something I expected.  What I really find fun is that Filipinos celebrating Fool’s Day really do celebrate foolness, or a word similar to that. This event is not even a major component of our tradition and culture, rather a foreign concept that we try to inject in our society. We see it on Hollywood movies, which we really take pleasure from, so we try to put it in our system thinking that the ‘cool’ experience that they have might also work on the country.

A good sample of this is the Trick or Treat. The smell we care about this?

I don’t know who on this, but I am sure that most of the people who are more exposed unto this are the social ‘elite’ of the country. They’re such culture slaves of other countries. I remember one time, I overheard two people talking about Thanksgiving. The smell!

(sleepy. will stop here)


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