Flowers on Shows

I really find it awkward giving flowers to performers. Since I was a kid, I was seeing every TV show, concert and even in graduation rites giving bouqet to guests/guest performers. Flowers are flowers, and giving it to a person who just did you a favor by performing into your show just feels weird. At least it’s what we are used to.

Whether it’s a sign of gratitude or not, I still find it off. Why do you give the flowers in front of the people if you can give it after the show? Simply because giving the bouqet is part of the show.

So where’s the gratitude there?

Another, why flowers? Of all things, why would you give flowers? Of course some performers get paid, but flowers? Who ever thought first in this world of giving flowers to performers is “not me”? Kidding. Perhaps flowers worked in his culture where flowers symbolize something else giving a high stature to the performers.

But flowers?


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