ES1 risk: I took the Final Exam. Unscrew me!

How can I forget Popet’s question after the ES1 finals: Tataas o bababa?

Last Monday, the final list of exemption for ES1 final exam was released. I’ve been hoping to be on the list so I won’t have to review for the finals. Good thing, I was exempted. I was really glad to see my student number at the board with the word “exempted”. In this subject, “exempted” is the greatest and finest word you’ll ever see.

But when I saw my grade, I started to pull my ‘happiness’. I am not yet satisfied with that grade. Not really of being a ‘nerd’, because I am not, and not really being a ‘grade-conscious-type’, but I just believe that there is much more at stake if I take the final exam.

I didn’t prepare much for the exam. The night before, I played with Photoshop. The morning before the exam, that’s just when I started to take things seriously. I really appreciate my friend reviewing with me at one of our dorm’s kiosks. Though she was studying Economics, it was still all pleasant reviewing with someone.

The exam was 1pm, and by an hour before it, I was still confused if I am taking the exam. I asked some people if I’m taking it. I prayed.

Then, tada! I took the exam. I was baffled by the first question. I began to question my choice of taking the exam. The first question was really hard. So I skipped it. Yun naman pala, imposible! Corrections were made, and the next questions just kept me going. My hands were shaking, I was sweating. I was really nervous answering the exam.

There were 6 questions and you’re given 4 hourse to finish them all. If it wasn’t for Sir Ace, I could have ‘improved’ my answer to the other 5 questions. But Sir Ace is sir ace.

When the time’s up, I stopped. Syempre.

I started talking with my classmates about our answers. Again and again, my stupidity comes at a very good play when I am sleepy. One of the directions was to label the drawinf clockwise. I did counterclockwise. That ticks me whenever I remember that question.

Many people suggested that I better not take the exam. I still don’t know if I made the better choice by taking the exam. I don’t have the results of the exam yet. Soon, I’ll know.


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