One of the reasons I hate being an Engineering student

picture from (Mr. Nathaniel… dunno his surname. saw on multiply)

Reasons for not becoming an engineering student… too many to mention (slu(a or u?)mbook default answer).

While we were having our photoshoot, as a gift to our beloved soon-to-be-organzation, I was so wondering what if I were not an engineering student. I have thought of this for a lot of times, but I just tried not to mind it. One of the reasons I hate being an Engineering student is that you tend to lose your art.

Being an engineering student is like surrendering your artsy and peculiar side. In engineering, everything is calculated and you try to minimize subjectivity and ambiguity of things. There are no creative and unto-viewers answers. And a lot of people think of engineering students as such. I agree that a lot of engineering students are not OC and artsy but still there are people who believe in the power of creativity and imagination.

I know School of Econ and CBA feel the same way.It’s not much of a curse that students from my college and these two colleges have, but it’s more of feeling like a lesser being. Way way back then, art was a default possessio. Everyone can do art. But now, ever since globalization and specialization came in, ID’s came in for the ones who are “creative”.

But still I am not leaving my college. Lalo na papuntang Econ at BA… social suicide!


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  1. Ella Ladignon says:

    Okay. Na-delete ang original reply ko.

    Ang maganda sa art ay kaya siyang ihalo sa lahat halos ng maisip mong fields (i.e. Math, Science, Engineering). So once you find the balance between art and engineering, you’re good. 🙂

    P.S. I like your posts, Revee! 😀 Good job!

  2. engineergal says:

    oh I agree a lot of engineers loose themselves in their work and forget about the arts but I have made time to take art and drawing classes. At my school they encourage art and in classes promote thinking out of the box in terms of art elements. Glad to know there are other engineers out there tho!! :]] best wishes!

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