Harvey’s: Jollibee’s copycat

This day is a total expenditure day, and about spending. We were planning to eat in Kamay Kainan aiming for a good meal in a very nice place. It’s buffet, and there’s no other word better than “buffet” when you’re hungry. So we rode a taxi, and when we got there, I asked the waitress: “Ate, magkano po per person?”

250.. 300…

I called my companions to get out immediately. We discussed the price, and we ended up laughing at each other. It’s just lunch. We decided NOT to eat in Kamay Kainan, since we were not willing to pay that price in the moment. We moved to Commonwealth just to show our two companions what Harvey’s is.

From Kalayaan Avenue, we went to Puregold. Why Puregold? A different story.

While crossing the overpass, I could not almost wait until they see Harvey’s. I remember their faces when we were just around 10 meters away from the store.

Tada! We got in, and I can’t describe their faces. Imagine Jollibee in a watered-down level. The tiles, color scheme, chairs, font, posters, mascot, basket… they all resemble Jollibee. We were really laughing and really amused by how the store presented itself. It was disturbing while we were eating. I just pretended to be eating in Jollibee.

I never really thought that someone would invest millions in a copycat store. His investment is so short-run.I think the owner should have invested in a unique style of marketing. The idea of copying Jollibee is sick. But at least, it marked to me. How can it sell itself to the country? It would look more like  of a trashy Jollibee. This is just my assessment.

Sino nga ba ang copycat?

My theory: the owner is Tony Tan Caktiong’s prodigal son.

Last thing, their tagline is: “Sulit sarap ang bonding”

…similar to langhap sarap.

You have to see it yourself. I can’t find a picture in the internet.


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  1. derp says:

    You’re english sucks.

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