Evesdropping (how do you spell that)

One of the things that I hate doing is falling in line. But it is the rightest thing to do. Imagine the whole crowd competing against each other to be on the priority spot. And since falling in line alone is extremely boring, the best thing to do is NOTHING. And when you have nothing to do, you just stare and listen to everyone.

There were two guys in front of me, and they’re friends. They were talking loud enough that I can clearly hear them, well at least I’m the one right at their back. Then a person approached them and took pictures. Nothing really interesting, not until they began talking about NARUTO.

I am so intrigued how come even professional or working people are into Naruto. Of all topics! I didn’t want to hear it, but you can’t control your ears to shut. I was shocked by this conversation. I normally hear high school kids and Japan-work-lovers talk about Naruto, but these types of people?

It’s really fun to think that in a world of busy jobs, people still find time to talk about small things like “Naruto”. I categorize Naruto as for-the-younger-ones. Aside from its young characters, the overall theme escapes reality and brings you in a different world where powers exist, where you can be someone different.

The two guys in front of me marked to me so much because it was my first time to hear “mature” people talk about “immature” topics as if nothing needs to be explained. Plain talk, plain fun. I know they know that the people around them hear them talking about Naruto, and it was all fine with them, at least on how I see their faces’ reaction.

I find their conversation “different”, but I would want to have that “different” conversation than falling in line alone.


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