Doing the happiest things… after sleeping

Few weeks from now, I am leaving my second semester in University of the Philippines. I know the necessity of feeling good when you finish schooling, and taking a deep breath on a short break the school is going to give you.

For me, there is only one rule on an optimal vacation: have a good sleep. I, myself, is struggling with the another same “bitteness” the day would give me. You wake up, you eat breakfast, you shower, then you go to school. You study, you go home. You go home, you do not sleep well. At most 6 hours for staring at the stacked readings and books.

Now, that vacation is approaching, I can also sense sleep calling me for a great hug. Afte every good sleep is a maxmized summer. You can play with you siblings. You can drice with more attention, play basketball longer, swim farther, run faster, laugh harder. It basicall starts with a sound sleep.

But, I have to admit, I really turn to a sluggard when time comes when I all I want to do is sleep. But still, SLEEEEEEP.


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