Dancing ad infinitum

Dancing. I have been asking myself if dancing is really for me. Will dance make my life better? Last night, I went to Robinsons Galleria and after going through the stores, which were really expensive, I went directly to Victory Center at the top floor of the mall. Mich was dancing, Ate Judy was teaching choreography.

Before entering high school, I was a folk dancer in our school in Pangasinan. I really love folk dances, and I wonder why many students find folk dance peculiar. Upon entering high school, there was a pressure among the youth to stick on the status quo, and Nico introduced me to streetdance. I still remember the first time I auditioned to SaGala (Sayaw at Galaw) – the streetdance org of Pisay – and it was a major off to four of us – Nico, Che, Nave, Me. Next year, I auditioned again pressured by the upper batches. And I’m not denying that I was really into streetdance.

Now, I am applying to UP Streetdance because I passionately want to dance. But I have been boggled lately if I would dance seriously, or will it just be a liesure for me. Some people live their lives in dancing, I could say I don’t.

After Galleria, we ate in Chowking Philcoa, while Ate Judy was stirring the hot wanton soup of Chowking, I asked her of she would still dance when she gets a work. Without hesitation she said yes. I looked at my wanton soup, is my soup as salty as her?

I am trying to live a holistic life, by emersing myself to science and art and physical activities. I know dancing keeps me sane or at least a normal person on earth. But I know I am expressing myself in dancing, streetdance particularly. But I do not know which would suffice, dancing along with academic performance, or position/service with academic performance.

I see the passion of dancing with Ate Judy and Mich, but I am not ready to go too far in terms of commitment to dancing. I do not know what comes tomorrow.


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