…without authentic relationship.

Pastor Chris’s topic today is really timely. I easily got bored, and hearing the word ‘church’ did not use to sound nice. For me, going to church was really an off. I never really liked going to church every sunday, except that it has been a habit and not attending the service was making me fel ‘bad’.

I think it all falls on the word ‘CHURCH’. I used to grow up having a mindset that the church was the church, the building, the what I see. My friends referred unto the church as the ‘church’. Yes, they were totally right. We call the building the ‘church’.

BUT Jesus points out that the church is the people. The people having fellowship, honoring Him. So if it’s the people, the church can be NOT BORING at all.

In 1 Thessalonians 2:6b-12, Paul made a letter with familial endearments, and it really pierced me. Pastor Chris pointed that Israelites have high value for family and considering a person like a family implies more than label, it shows the kind of relationship fostered.

Relationships. There are just too many kinds of relationships, ranging from mere acquaintance to your very wife. Some relationships are conditional and intentional. Some relationships are temporary. But in a church, it is inevitable to build an unconditional relationship. This is authenticity, when it is unconditional.

Today, facebook, multiply, friendster and myspace are the leading interfaces in the internet world. They have different promotional lines but they have one message: connectivity. They make you feel that you have people around you. But still, people with the most number of contacts in their account are the lonely ones. Sociologist keyed a term ‘crowded loneliness’.

In a generation of earphones, loneliness amidst the loudness of the world is not impossible. This is the point where authentic relationship comes in. Moreover, relationship goes beyond pacifiying loneliness. It gives life.

Just an illustration Pastor Chris used, at one of the special Olympics, nine kids were in a race. These precious kids passionately ran for the goal. Then a kid tripped and fell on the floor. The kid was down on the ground. The other eight kids stopped. They began to go to the kid and helped him. They stretched their hands and pulled him up. A girl with autism kissed his wound and assured the kid that her kiss will make him well. They stood up, awing the crowd of the arena. They held each other, forming a human chain, and walked together to the end.

One question still bounces on my mind: do I still find church boring?


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