Lacking Sleep and an Urge to Write the First Item

For the past few days, sleeping did not seem to be a good option. Not because being awake is more favorable than sleeping, but because sleeping is simply not an option.

Last Friday, it was CIEM’s talents night. What’s the big knock? Talents night is such a norm to organizations in UP as if it fuels the whole constitution of an organization. Org applicants, like me, try to shine in front of many unsatisfied people, the members, ready to eat you.

Last night, it was UP Streetdance’ Club concert. Further lessening sleep. Further lessening patience. Everyone has to admit, the ratio of patience proportions to sleep, and sometimes emotions are sacrificed by our body’s overwhelming response to gain that drop of rest.




As we were praying after the end of the concert, I happened to stare at the confetti on the floor. Confettis on the floor, the show is over. Confettis on the floor, applause and awe. Confettis on the floor, I began to ask ‘Is rest coming?’

Confetti for performers is more than a trophy, and a medal. Confetti is like any other tap on your back and saying that you did a great job, but you get trophies and medals in competitions where the goal is to be atop everyone. I think, excellence is simply bringing the ordinary to extraordinary. When what you do ordinarily do is extraordinarily done.

That ‘tap’ fills all the efforts you gave, when someone sees the push. But is rest coming after the tap?

For someone like me, an applicant, a non-performer, a person at the backstage, someone who did not see the confetti falling above me, is my effort also filled in? I hope. But is rest coming?



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