I have a SUMO in me (Feb 4)

I still have a LOT of things to pay. How I wish February ends ASAP. Including classroom outings and org payments.

Particularly when I was buying ice cream at Engg building. Someone asked me change for 200. I was confident enough of helping him, but surprisingly, my wallet was short. I was shocked because I just withdrew money last night.

Where did it go? I don’t know. But I have an idea where the moeny flew. Sayang! Sayang! Sayang!

Well, I’m trying to keep that out of my head now. A couple of hours ago, it was a matter of moeny. But now, I changed my mind. It’s not about money but my mindset.

I read Joshua Harris’ blog and he compared our needs to Sumo wrestlers. Sumo wrestlers intently become fat as they find ways on how to make themselves not full, or forever hungy. They need to be larger/stronger than their opponent. Since it’s more than a matter of mere strength and not muscular capabilities, bulking up sbody would be beneficial to Sumo wrestlers.

I realized, we (or I at least) are often caught up on unending need. There are enough things for us, but yet, it feels like not “enough” when we come to a point of having it. It feels like clothing is not enought, it has to be trendy.

Our needs become Sumo wrestlers that we push our ‘wants’ to ‘needs’. We eat extra food thinking it is our need, or simply we eat too much to make us bigger, much bigger than others.

Cosumerism. Luxury. I really don’t know how people call it. But I recall what Jesus told in Matthew 6:26.

Look at the brids of the air; they do not sow what they reap or store away in barns, and yet Your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than them?”

Like Josh Harris said, it’s like God wants to give us (or me at least) a good enough meal.

We have different levels of “enough” and “more” but I believe He values us more than any creature in the world.


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