Liwliwa, Zambales 2.0 (Snaps)

Grew up with the shores just one tricycle away, I am fond of beaches and sunsets. I view beach as cradle. It makes me feel alive, yet it also makes me feel volatile.

Colors of Poblacion, Makati

Brgy. Poblacion of Makati not only boasts the strong hustle in the morning but also brings superb colors at night.

Jomalig, Quezon Travel Summary / Itinerary 3D/2N

Jomalig Island, an island which name itself is enchanting, is off the coast of Quezon. When you look at the map, you will see that it is situated in the Pacific Ocean. From the town of Real, it took us four grueling hours of boat ride to reach the island. If you want to visit…

Stray Thought While in a Duyan

It’s 7:10pm here in Virgin Island Resort in Masbate and I am lying on a ratan duyan; one end tied on a coconut tree, and the other on a hut. The wind sweeps through my body. I’m playing a UDD song. I just ate 3 pcs of Tilapia freshly caught on this island, and sinigang that tasted…

On Death Penalty: Handa Ka Na Ba Pumatay?

Will share some thoughts on Death Penalty in light of religion and politics (two sensitive topics that a lot of people try to avoid)! There have already been many arguments for and against Death Penalty that have surfaced (in case you don’t know, take time to read more about it). But allow me to compare…